Genomics-Based Personalized Medicine

What does that mean? It means we work with you to solve any problem you may have to fully optimize your health. Medical treatment falls short when we focus solely on the brain when someone has migraines, depression, or dementia. Or when we focus only on the heart when someone has chest pain. We are not a collection of organ systems, but a whole person. Therefore, we need to take a holistic view.

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient…”
-Sir William Osler


We Are All Unique

Your genetics, epigenome, microbiome, and environment make you uniquely different from everyone else. We explore your particular risk factors and identify an optimal diet, exercise, and supplement strategy to help you live your best possible life. We take a deep dive into your genetics, as well as extensive biomarker testing including serum, urine, saliva, and microbiome. This information along with an in-depth conversation, gives us a deep understanding of your potential and actual risk for disease and degeneration. We then tailor a personalized health optimization plan for you, which includes the following:

– A specific diet plan with recipes and macro profiles

– A personally tailored exercise plan addressing your goals and genetic predispositions

– A supplementation strategy to optimize health and fend off disease

– Sleep tracking and additional personalized interventions

– Recommendations on adjunct therapies like fasting, cold immersion, sauna, and others.

We always aim to optimize health with lifestyle interventions first. In more difficult cases, however, we may need to turn to pharmaceuticals, IV therapy, hormones, or peptides. As trained medical professionals, we don’t shy away from these interventions when necessary. But as always, these decisions will be made with you, not for you.

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Cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, cancer, insulin resistance, autoimmunity, and inflammation. These are the major causes of death and suffering, yet most of these can be significantly delayed or even prevented. Unfortunately, our current medical system focuses on the treatment of disease once it is present. This comes with some success, such as cardiovascular disease, and some failures, such as Alzheimer’s. Although we do treat disease, we focus on prevention first. We start by understanding your risks through complex genetic and biomarker testing. We also employ screening exams such as brain MRIs, coronary CT scans, carotid ultrasounds, cancer screening, neurocognitive testing, and other diagnostics to catch disease early rather than wait for symptoms to appear. We pair this knowledge with a holistic approach to prevention and treatment. While medications are sometimes necessary, with Wild Health, they are the exception rather than the rule. Often a personalized diet, supplement, exercise, sleep, and lifestyle plan is enough to normalize biomarkers and stop disease or even reverse it.

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We are closer than ever to identifying the causes of aging and taking steps to prevent it. Early research has even reversed aging in a small group of individuals. The science is moving fast though, and you need a qualified team focused on the research and data to help decide which longevity protocol or intervention is best for your genetics and lifestyle. Our protocols evolve based on our patients’ chronological age, epigenetic age, lifestyle, and current health status. These personalized plans include pharmaceuticals, peptides, IV therapy, bioidentical hormone therapy, stem cells, fasting, and more. Each longevity protocol is tailored for you and your goals and monitored with yearly epigenetic clock testing. As with the rest of our practice, we insist on measuring outcomes to assess the effectiveness of our interventions, whether through regular lab work, repeat imaging, or retesting of your epigenetic clock. We want to know and you deserve to know if your hard work is paying off.

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