Below you will find our frequently asked questions. Hopefully they can provide additional information about Wild Health.
How does your DNA testing work?2021-07-20T13:49:36+00:00
Our software can use multiple types of DNA raw data, including many currently on the market. However, for convenience and quality of care, we include the cost of an Illumina array from Labcorp in your membership fees. This test is more comprehensive than most others on the market.
Is it recommended to add on labs?2021-01-06T00:08:13+00:00

Yes, adding labs is recommended because these provide a measurable number of your current health status. This, combined with your human potential from your DNA, allows for customized goals to be set and measured throughout your healthcare journey.

If I add on labs, what is included?2021-01-06T00:09:05+00:00

Our lab panel provides a comprehensive look at your current health through blood testing to evaluate your lipids, thyroid function, cardiovascular risks, hormone status, minerals, vitamins, and many other factors that can affect how you feel and perform. This serves as a metric to track progress and make changes throughout your health journey. 

What do I need to do prior to having my labs drawn?2021-01-06T00:10:09+00:00

The labs require you to be fasting, so please do not eat or drink after midnight the night before the draw. You may have water or black coffee.  Also, please note that heavy exercise for 24 hours prior to the draw may falsely increase inflammatory markers, so please refrain from this if possible.

Before my lab draw, do I need to stop taking supplements?2021-01-06T00:10:53+00:00

No.  When completing optimization, we like to start by seeing results based on your current daily routines. 

Where can I have my labs drawn?2021-01-06T00:11:21+00:00

Please print your requisition and take it to the nearest LabCorp draw site. You can locate a draw site by clicking HERE [https://www.labcorp.com/labs-and-appointments]. When scheduling your appointment online and again when you arrive, please DO NOT provide any insurance or payment information, as the requisitioned lab test cost will be billed to our Wild Health client account and you have prepaid for labs with us.

What is the DNA Methylation test?2021-01-06T00:12:56+00:00

We can now test for and impact your biologic age by using a DNA methylation test kit, which measures your biologic age, the age of your DNA, compared to your chronologic age. We do this by sending you a specific DNA methylation test kit that we combine with your genomic and blood test results to create a personalized longevity protocol. We then apply this to reverse your biologic age and perform follow up testing to make sure we are successfully reversing it. 

How do I get a DNA Methylation kit?2021-01-06T00:13:35+00:00

You can select this as an add on purchase when signing up to become a patient. Your DNA methylation kit will arrive in the mail. This is a saliva test that you will complete and return back via the prepaid postage. No need to register this kit, as it is already assigned to you. 

I didn’t add on a DNA Methylation kit at signup. How can I add one on?2021-01-06T00:14:18+00:00

Please contact your Health Coach or our office at (859) 439-0400 to add on a DNA Methylation kit.

What do I need to do before I can have my first visit with the Provider?2021-01-06T00:16:17+00:00

You will be responsible for doing a couple things. The information that we need in order to generate your Wild Health Personalized Report using our unique Algorithm is your Wild Health DNA kit and your lab values (if available). Please complete your DNA kit and return it with the pre-paid postage as soon as possible.

What happens at my first Provider Visit?2021-01-06T00:16:50+00:00

At your first Physician visit, you will sit down with a Precision Medicine Provider and a Health Coach for an hour and review your customized health plan in detail to make sure you understand it entirely. Your customized health plan is created when we place your DNA and lab results into our Algorithm. This will provide you with a very detailed plan about your perfect foods, exercise plan and sleep strategy. It's a long report and personalized to your DNA, which means you are getting protocols that are very specific for you and nobody else.

What information is in this “Wild Health Personalized Report” I’m getting and how will it help me?2021-01-06T00:17:47+00:00

This report breaks down all the information in your genome and goes over the important Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), what they mean and how this affects you. We will also include the actionable lab results (if available) and how they correspond to your DNA. Recommendations are then built to give you a roadmap to transform and optimize your health. Our recommendations utilize the principles of epigenetics, or how to turn the advantageous genes on and the disadvantageous genes off. The report and our recommendations focus on nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep and habits.

What is the difference between precision medicine and traditional medicine?2021-01-06T00:26:05+00:00

Most of the medical world follows what are referred to as ‘general guidelines’ based on statistics to provide diagnoses and treatments that work for the majority of people. In precision medicine, we start with your DNA and extensive lab panel to get a holistic picture of you. We also look at epigenetics. This refers to factors that turn certain genes on or off, so we can turn your good genes on with lifestyle choices. All of this is combined into a specific plan personalized to you.  

What is the role of the Health Coach?2021-01-06T00:26:49+00:00

The Health Coach works closely with the provider so there is a team approach to each patient's care. They assist in gathering information from the patient, obtaining test results, and providing the patient with information on tools and lifestyle modifications to help meet their goals.

I don’t have DNA or labs and I don’t want to wait until those results get back to talk with a physician. Can I schedule a meeting, or do I have to wait until the results get back?2021-01-06T00:29:54+00:00

It is most beneficial for you to have DNA and lab results so that we are able to create your Health Report, completely customized to you. Without this information, we are not able to give specific recommendations and set attainable goals. If you are interested in trialing our program with a Health Coach for 1 month for free, please click HERE.

Are there any coupon or discount codes?2021-01-06T00:31:11+00:00

We periodically offer discount codes to our Wild Health podcast listeners. Please make sure to tune in!

. If I do join Wild Health, am I required to participate for a certain length of time or can I leave whenever I want?2021-08-15T20:15:49+00:00

When you sign up for Wild Health, you will be signing up for a 12-month commitment. You will not be required to stay in any one particular tier, but you are able to switch between tiers depending on your goals and your health. If you start in a lower tier then decide you need some more hands-on guidance to achieve optimal levels of health, you may move up in tiers.

Do I have to physically travel to one of your locations to get the process started or do initial lab testing in person? Am I able to join Wild Health 100% virtually?2021-01-06T00:32:28+00:00

You are not required to travel to one of our locations before getting the process started. We are very comfortable doing virtual visits initially and this works well for our patients. In terms of labs, you would go to a local LabCorp near you to get that order completed, no need to come to one of our offices. The lab order would be sent via email once you sign up online.

Do you accept insurance?2021-01-06T00:33:21+00:00

In order to give you the care you deserve, we have decided to not accept insurance. Our mission is to provide you with the best care possible. Most of the time, insurance won’t reimburse you and slows down the process. Many patients choose to utilize FSA or HSA accounts, though we always recommend that our patients reach out to these entities directly as guidelines vary.

Can an HSA card be used for payments with Wild Health?2021-01-06T00:33:50+00:00

Yes, we accept HSA cards.

Who will be involved with my care and how do I know they are certified and capable?2021-01-06T00:35:27+00:00

We understand how important your health is to you and it could be a little unnerving to trust someone with this new field of medicine. First, you can take a look at our Teams page HERE and read the bios on our Physicians. Second, you can take a listen to our podcasts.   All of the Physicians are extensively trained in Precision Medicine. We do have Health Coaches who are already healthcare practitioners and have experience as Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Medical Students. Everyone on your team is trained and ready to join you on this journey.

Will you share my genetic data with insurance agencies?2021-01-06T00:36:19+00:00

We ONLY share information with whomever the patient tells us to do so. If an insurance company calls requesting medical records, we always contact the patient to authorize release of any records. In 2008 Congress passed the genetic information non-discrimination act (GINA) to prevent this exact thing from happening. You can read more about HERE if you are interested.

What can Wild Health do for Alzheimer's patients and/or people that may have a predisposition for Alzheimer’s?2021-01-06T00:36:56+00:00

Wild Health believes that a personalized focus in prevention is key in preventing cognitive decline. Staying up to date on all current research and protocols is a vital part of our Alzheimer’s prevention practices. However, patients will find that no two plans are exactly alike. You can count on receiving personalized care to best meet your needs in this and every aspect of your health. Dr. Mallin is certified in the Recode Protocol and is very familiar with implementing this into your Personalized Plan. Our “Brain Health Coach,” Erik Nelson was trained as a nurse in the Neuro ICU at Mayo Clinic per the advice of highly trained specialists and leaders in the field.

What might a treatment plan look like/entail?2021-01-06T00:37:45+00:00

We always aim to optimize health with lifestyle interventions first. This may include a specific diet plan, personally tailored exercise plan, supplementation strategy, sleep tracking, and additional therapies (ie. fasting, cold immersion, sauna, etc.). If necessary, we will turn to pharmaceuticals, IV therapy, hormones, or peptides recommended by our trained medical professionals and planned with the patient.

What if I sign up and along the way need additional testing?2021-01-06T00:38:30+00:00

We can add additional testing such as microbiome (which is a sample of your gut bacteria), hormones, food sensitivity testing and much more, a la carte. You will work with the Physician and Health Coach to decide which tests you will need to complete, based on your needs.

What test do you use for Gut Microbiome testing?2021-01-06T00:39:10+00:00

We recommend the OneGevity Microbiome Test. This is an at home stool sample that shows a breakdown of your gut microbiome and the organisms that live within it. This can help give the physicians insight into potential gut issues such as inflammation, constipation, and diarrhea. 

Are any of the vitamins or supplements included in the price?2021-01-06T00:39:52+00:00

We have a partnership with Thorne supplements and all of our patients receive a 35% discount. We work very closely with Thorne and trust their process and standards so feel comfortable using them. Your Health Coach, in partnership with your Precision Physician, will discuss which supplements are best for you.

What is a peptide protocol?2021-01-06T00:40:27+00:00

Peptides are chains of amino acids that naturally occur within organisms and act as structural components of cells, tissues, enzymes, and hormones. They are used to increase the internal production cells that are already being produced in your body, thus helping to optimize your health. The physician can create a customized protocol for you based on your specific need, as they see appropriate.

: What are the specific locations of practices across the country?2021-01-06T00:40:54+00:00

We currently only have a physical office in Lexington, Ky. We see patients via telemedicine in all other states and feel comfortable providing excellent care remotely.

: If someone is in the medical profession and has access to their own labs, can they use those instead of LabCorp labs through us?2021-01-06T00:41:38+00:00

Absolutely! Patients are welcome to provide their own recent labs and medical information to their health coach and provider in order to further customize their care. 

Does Wild Health track Oura Ring data?2021-01-06T00:42:13+00:00

Yes, our physicians recommend using an Oura Ring for sleep and activity tracking, as their sleep data is comparable to that of the Stanford Sleep Lab. It also tracks heart rate variability. Oura recommends that you wear the ring 24/7 for the most accurate data and insights. It does not matter what finger it is worn on, but the sensors need to be on the palm side of your finger for most accurate tracking. 

I am a health practitioner and am curious about learning Precision Medicine. Am I able to do that somehow?2021-01-06T00:43:34+00:00

Part of the mission of Wild Health is to train as many people as possible to join us in this revolution. We have created a Fellowship Program to train physicians in Precision Medicine. Click HERE for more information on the Wild Health Fellowship.

: What is the Wild Health Fellowship Program?2021-01-06T00:44:34+00:00

The fellowship program is meant to train physicians in Genomics-Based Precision Medicine in preparation for them to be a Precision Provider, or to just learn more about Precision Medicine. This is a year-long program; the first half being more online lecture based and the second half being hands-on training. This link will take you to the website for more information. 

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