Below you will find our frequently asked questions. Hopefully they can provide additional information about Wild Health.
Are you available in my area?2020-01-16T14:13:50+00:00

We’re available everywhere!  Technically, we only currently have offices in Lexington, Kentucky and Bend, Oregon, but our telecommunication methods allow us to work with you regardless of where you live.

How do I get started?2020-01-28T13:01:31+00:00

To get started, head over here and select from our current options.  You can fill out all the information on the website and we’ll get you started.

I don’t have DNA or labs and I don’t want to wait until those results get back to talk with a physician. Can I schedule a meeting or do I have to wait until the results get back?2020-02-26T21:49:15+00:00

You are more than welcome to schedule a meeting with one of our physicians at any time, despite not having labs and DNA.  This will work well if you have specific questions about your health or more questions about Wild Health in general. This is called the Initial Consult. It is 1 hour in length and the cost is $495. However, to be completely honest with you, it will be much more beneficial to wait until your DNA and lab results are back so the advice we give is more specific and actionable, but of course this is your decision.

I don’t understand the 23andMe part. Why is this required?2020-02-26T21:45:10+00:00

We only care about the raw genetic data that comes from this test. We are not interested in all of the reports that 23andMe offers (though you may rightly find that very interesting). Once you receive your 23andMe results, you will just send us the raw genetic data and then you don’t have to worry about 23andMe if you aren’t interested in it.  A Wild Health team member will walk you through how to send us the raw data once you sign up.

Are there discounts or promo codes available?2020-02-26T21:42:08+00:00

No. Unfortunately, we do not offer promotional discounts at this time.

What do I need to do before my Initial Results Review with the physician?2020-02-26T21:41:00+00:00

You will be responsible for obtaining the information we need in order to generate your Wild Health Personalized Report: your raw genetic DNA and your lab values. This is accomplished in two steps: (1) You will need to purchase a DNA kit from 23andMe, complete it, and send us the raw genetic data. (2) You will need to complete laboratory testing. We will write you a lab order form that you can take to your local Quest Diagnostics lab after you complete the signup process online.

What’s included in the Initial Results Review?2020-02-26T21:35:49+00:00

For the Initial Results Review, here is what happens. We perform a very extensive lab panel and get your raw genetic DNA. We place both of these results into our algorithm, which gives you a very detailed plan about your perfect foods, exercise plan, and sleep strategy. It’s a long report and personalized to your DNA, which means you are getting protocols that are very specific for you and nobody else. You’ll sit down with a precision doctor and a health coach for 1 hour and go over this plan in great detail to make sure you understand it entirely. The cost for this is $795.

What is the difference between the $1995 and $795 options?2020-02-26T21:31:58+00:00

The $1995 option includes all of the same testing as the $795 option, plus we add a biological age test through myDNAge. We use these results as a starting point to develop a personalized longevity protocol as part of your Wild Health Personalized Report. The myDNAge test is based on Dr. Horvath’s epigenetic age clock.

What is the wait time for my Initial Results Review?2020-02-26T21:25:41+00:00

Your wait time will vary based on the availability of our physicians. We do our best to accommodate everyone and get each patient seen as soon as possible. To get the process started, we will need your raw genetic DNA and your lab results. The sooner we have those, the sooner we can schedule your Initial Results Review.

What information is in the “Wild Health Personalized Report” that I will receive and how will it help me?2020-02-21T20:03:34+00:00

This report breaks down all of the information in your genome and goes over the important Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), what they mean, and how they affect you. We also include the actionable lab results and how they correspond to your DNA. The important part is that we give you recommendations on how to transform and optimize your health. The main way we do this is through epigenetics, or how to turn the good genes on and the bad genes off. You are able to do this through lifestyle choices. The report and our recommendations focus on nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep, and habits.

I understand the process for my Initial Results Review, but what are my options after that?2020-02-21T20:00:34+00:00

After your Initial Results Review with a precision medicine physician and health coach, you can choose among the following options:

Option 1- Take your Wild Health Personalized Report and no longer continue with us. That’s completely acceptable to do.

Option 2- You are comfortable with your plan and you want to continue seeing a Direct Primary Care physician trained in Precision Medicine. Cost is $125 per month. To be clear, this is not a continuation of optimization medicine, it is Primary Care, consisting of normal doctor visits with a precision medicine-trained primary care physician.

Option 3- You are somewhat comfortable with your plan but think you need a little bit of guidance or motivation. You can be partnered with a Health Coach who will follow along with you on your health journey, helping you with your plan and answering any questions you have. This cost is $295 per month.

Option 4- This is the top package, you are partnered with a Precision Medicine physician, a Precision Primary Care Physician, and a Health Coach. You get it all — this is the optimization and longevity package with more hands-on instruction and guidance. Lab testing is included (labs are based off your physician’s clinical judgment), specialty consults are included, and you get Fellowship content ($11,000 value) used to train physicians to become Precision Physicians. This cost is $995 per month.

When will I receive information about the tiers?2020-02-21T19:49:45+00:00

These will be discussed in your Initial Consultation or Initial Results Review with the precision medicine physician and health coach. We will have a discussion with you and try to determine what is best based on your optimization needs and budget.


When do I have to make a commitment?2020-02-21T19:48:16+00:00

You will have your Initial Results Review with a precision medicine physician and a health coach. We will review your DNA, lab results, and lifestyle habits, then we’ll come up with a very extensive protocol for you called the Wild Health Personalized Report. At the end of this initial meeting, we will spend time discussing which tier is right for you, your needs, and your budget. At that time, you can decide if you want to join Wild Health and, if so, which tier you want to sign up for.

What if I don’t want to join any tiers after my Initial Results Review?2020-02-21T19:44:07+00:00

If you feel like you are comfortable with your plan and your ability to work towards your goals on your own, you don’t have to sign up with Wild Health. You have the option to take your Wild Health Personalized Report and no longer participate in Wild Health. If you ever feel like you need assistance or want us to step back in, you can just get back in touch and we would be happy to assist you.

Why would I stay in the top tier for several months if I could pay less in a lower tier?2020-02-21T19:41:24+00:00

You don’t have to!  We want you to do what works best for you, your goals, and your budget. We will NEVER recommend that you join a higher tier if we don’t fully believe you will benefit from it. The first step is taking care of the lifestyle factors that account for 80% of your health: mastering sleep protocols, having proper nutrition, and participating in daily movement. If you don’t have these basics down, then it doesn’t make sense to have a discussion about exosomes, peptides, or biohacking technology because that would be a waste of your money. The top tier gives you very personalized hands-on training and ensures that you have access to cutting edge information. We will also have specific protocols available to you depending on which area you want to focus.  Remember, if you choose a higher tier, there is no commitment and you can drop down to a lower tier at any time.  This allows you to “go all in” for a few months before choosing a long term “maintenance” plan.

Do I have to travel to one of your locations to start the process and do my initial lab testing in person, or can I join Wild Health 100% virtually?2020-02-21T19:36:03+00:00

You are not required to travel to one of our locations before getting the process started, but we will need to see you in person eventually. We are very comfortable doing virtual visits initially and this works well for many of our patients. In terms of lab testing, you can go to a local Quest Diagnostics laboratory near you, so there is no need to come to one of our offices. Your lab order will be sent via email once you sign up online. We do require that patients travel to one of our offices in Oregon or Kentucky (current locations) at least once during the first year in order to establish care in person.

I am a health practitioner and I’m curious about learning Precision Medicine. How can I go about doing that?2020-02-19T23:08:32+00:00

Part of our mission at Wild Health is to train as many people as possible to join us in this healthcare revolution. There are two options available. First, if you sign up for the Precision Medical Optimization and Coaching tier, you will get access to all of the  Wild Health Educational Fellowship content. Second, if you are interested, we are creating a fellowship program to train physicians in Precision Medicine and will be accepting applicants soon.

Do you accept insurance?2020-02-19T23:02:58+00:00

Unfortunately, insurance does not accept us.  Insurance is for “sick care” and doesn’t cover prevention and optimization. Our mission is to provide you with the best care possible and in order to do that we have decided to not accept insurance.  Often, prescriptions and other specialty care that we prescribe for you will be covered by insurance, but you must speak with your insurance provider about what is and is not covered under your plan.


Who will be involved in my care? How will I know they are certified and capable? Why should I trust you with my health and personal information?2020-02-19T22:57:29+00:00

Great questions. We understand how important your health is to you and that it can be a little unnerving to trust someone in this new area of medicine. First, we encourage you take a look at our Teams page and read the bios on all of our physicians. Second, please listen to our podcasts. All of our physicians are extensively trained in Precision Medicine. Our health coaches are current healthcare practitioners with experience as nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and medical students. We hold ourselves and members of our team to the highest standards. Everyone who will be on your team is trained and ready to join you on your health journey.

Will you share my genetic data with insurance agencies?2020-02-19T22:48:28+00:00

We will ONLY share your information with persons whom you give permission. If an insurance company calls Wild Health to request records, we always contact the patient first to authorize release. In 2008, Congress passed the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) to prevent this exact thing from happening. You can read more about it HERE if you are interested.

If I decide to join Wild Health, am I required to participate for a certain amount of time or can I stop whenever I want?2020-02-21T19:35:07+00:00

When you sign up for Wild Health, you are signing on for a 12-month commitment if you choose the Precision Primary Care option ($125/mo). You will not be required to stay in any one particular tier, and you can switch tiers depending on your goals and health status. For example, if you start in a lower tier and then decide you want more hands on guidance to achieve optimal levels of health, you may move up in tiers. Similarly, if you start in a high tier and then decide that you understand the plan and can execute it more independently, you are free to go down a tier.  The coaching tier ($295/mo) or top tier ($995/mo) can be stopped at any time.

I see the New York location is listed on the website as coming soon. When will that be opening and will you have other locations opening soon?2020-02-19T22:26:56+00:00

We don’t have a definitive timeline yet; however, there are locations in New York and several other cities in development. In the meantime, you are still welcome to sign up for our virtual visits.

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