Dr. Russell Van Maele was raised in Detroit, Michigan. He completed his undergraduate and medical school years at Michigan State University. Following that he completed his Internal Medicine residency at Western Michigan University.
He believes every individual possesses their own goals for health. He wants to meet you at the point you are currently at, while progressing to your optimal mental and physical potential.
Dr. Van Maele also specializes in osteopathic manipulation, a hands-on practice that puts a strong focus on re-aligning the musculoskeletal system. This treatment allows our bodies to move in the way they were designed. The body has its own inherent ability of fixing itself, and osteopathic manipulation allows the body to do just that.
For enjoyment and recreation Dr. Van Maele enjoys mountain biking, running, farming, and woodworking. He prides himself upon having strong relationships with his family and friends.
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