Dr. Murray graduated from the University of Kentucky with a self-designed degree in “The Business Administration of Medicine”. After getting his MBA, he spent a year before medical school getting advanced training in industrial engineering (process design) and then taught and applied these principles in a medical setting at UK Hospital.

During medical school, he spoke at national conferences about process improvement in the clinical setting, and taught a class on the topic to his fellow medical students.

Throughout his educational journey, Dr. Murray has started numerous businesses, including a business incubator (Awesome Inc), a school for computer programmers and entrepreneurs (Awesome Inc U), and a non-profit organisation honouring Kentucky’s most successful entrepreneurs (The Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame).

Since completing his residency in Family and Community Medicine at UK, Dr Murray has practiced hospital medicine in half a dozen hospitals throughout Kentucky. He has also shadowed, taught, and/or practiced primary care and hospital medicine in 10 countries. He is conversational in Spanish and French.

His clinical experience, entrepreneurial background, and deep knowledge of system design make him a natural fit to head up our coordinated effort to bring COVID-19 screening results to large groups, on-site, with unprecedented turnaround speed.

Dr. Murray lives in downtown Lexington, Kentucky and spends his free time self-quarantining in the sky, thanks to his recently acquired pilot’s license. He also sneaks away to Ethiopia once a year with a group that is working to start a medical school there.

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