I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and a Master of Arts in Teaching Special Education. Though I didn’t initially pursue an education or career in the medical field, I have a unique background that helps fuel my passion for health and fitness. In high school, I became a 5-time state champion, holding 2 state records in triple and one in long jump. In college, I was a 5-time NCAA Div. III All-American and 4-time NCAA Div. III National Champion in triple jump. Since 2015, I have coached long jumpers and triple jumpers on 3 KHSAA 2A state championship track teams as well as 2 individual state champions in triple jump and long jump. I specialize in speed and plyometric training.

As a high school student, I developed an interest in health through my local vocation school where I was a HOSA member and HOSA national champion. I also helped my mother pursue her career as a registered nurse during those years. As I learned and developed my passion for athletic success, I was also beginning to learn how the body worked. All of this led to a hobby of optimizing my health after my athletic career was finished. I have used this knowledge to help friends, family, and my athletes also care for their bodies.

Driven by my faith and a holistic view of who we are, I want to help people optimize their minds, bodies, and souls. Through the Wild Health Fellowship, I have gained an immense knowledge base on how to do this more with our precision, genomics-based approach and I am thrilled to have an opportunity to continue helping people in an even greater capacity as a health coach.

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