Our amazing team is comprised of professionals and leaders devoted to providing you with the ultimate health experience.

Dr. Matt Dawson
Co-Founder & CEO
Dr. Mike Mallin
Co-Founder & CMO
Lincoln Brown
Co-Founder & Board Chairman
Dr. Jeremy Stich
Clinical Fellowship Director
Dr. Julie Foucher
Director of Content
Dr. Mike Stone
Director of Education
Dr. Kristin Dawson
Director of Mental Health
Dr. Mark Goodman
Director of Sports Medicine
Trei Tackett, MSN, FNP
Director of Health Coaching
Julia Priest, BS, LMT
Health Coach
Dr. Carl Seger
Fellowship Education Specialist
Matthew Gomez
Director of Operations
Abby Morrell
Fellowship Director
Bailey Moberly
Fellowship Administrator
Andy Williford
Health Coach
Ben Greenfield
Ben Askins
Director of Operations: Ketamine Clinic
Kelly James, OTR/L M. Div.
Health Coach
Erik Nelson, ADN, RN
Health Coach
Karey Spear,  MSN, IFN, PhD Candidate
Health Coach
Nathan Barry, CSCS, USAW
Health Coach
Chrys Jones, BA, MAT
Health Coach
Taylor Cervenka  MS, BSN, RN
Health Coach
Jeff Chamberlain, MD
Director of Women's Hormones
Brittany Mallin
Chris Durham, MD
Director of Bio-identical Hormones and Anti-aging
Eric Battaglioli, PhD
Director of Microbiome
Dr. Charles Christian Key
Director of Orthopedics, Joint Health, and Biologics
Jody Elliott
IT Director
Dr. Mark Dassel
Director of Women's Health
Ryan Dawson
Creative Director
Andrew Ozinskas
Director of Herbal and Plant Medicine