Our amazing team is comprised of professionals and leaders devoted to providing you with the ultimate health experience.

Andy Williford
Dr. Mike Stone
Director of Education
Dr. Kristin Dawson
Director of Mental Health
Dr. Mark Goodman
Director of Sports Medicine
Jill Ballengee
Office Manager
Jody Elliott
Brittany Mallin
Director of Health Outreach
Alexander Zubkov, MD, PhD
Director of Brain Health
Jeff Chamberlain, MD
Director of Women’s Hormones
Chris Durham, MD
Director of Bio-identical Hormones and Anti-aging
Ryan Dawson
Creative Director
Eric Battaglioli, PhD
Director of Microbiome
Gustav Blomquist
Director of Radiological Sciences & MSK Imaging
Dr. Ai-Ling Lin
Scientific Director of Brain Aging
Peter Akpunonu
Medical Director of the Kentucky Poison Control Center
Andrew Ozinskas
Director of Herbal and Plant Medicine
Mari Holden
Director of Endurance Training
Jen Smith
Director of High Intensity Training
Dr. Charles Christian Key
Director of Orthopedics, Joint Health, and Biologics
Dr. Mark Dassel
Director of Women’s Health
Russ Van Maele
Ben Greenfield